welcome to my {blog} site

Hi I'm Kate and this is my blogsite. After much soul searching I've decided to give up my classic website in favour of this blog format so I can stay more current with the images I'm showing. This is the place to hear about special announcements, view my most recent work and catch some sneak peeks. This site will have both professional photos from sessions and photos of my favourite models (my two daughters). So check back when you can for new posts and feel free to make any comments, I would love to hear from you.

So I figure I should give you a little background into who I am. First of all I'm NOT a writer. I am a lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, BC. I shoot mostly on location whether that be outside or at your home. I use available light, this means that I prefer to use all natural light but if there's not enough available I have other sources. My shooting style is laid back and fun, I want to try to capture the true essence of my subjects not the portrait studio version.

A little about me. I worked as an art director in advertising for 12 years supervising too many photoshoots to count. I have two beautiful girls who keep me on my toes everyday. I hate having my photograph taken (ironic right?). I love every aspect of photography.

A little about me. I worked as an art director in advertising

Ball of Engery {vancouver's fine art family photographer}

Oh to have the energy of a three year old, even for one hour. I had a great time chasing around this little lady and can't wait to see how her baby sister turns out.

What's the Secret? {vancouver's fine art family photographer}

Calm and cooperative. I need to know the secret of how their boys are so calm and cooperative, I need not tell you it was a rude awakening returning to my own home and my "less calm" children.

Clowning Around {vancouver's fine art children's photographer}

It's always nice to get the perfect picture of two faces smiling into the camera. Great to hang on your wall right? But as a mother of two myself the photos I love the most are the ones of my kids at play. Capturing that moment in time of what they were really like at any given age is something to be truly treasured. And this brother and sister were willing to play, I had a great time with both of you!

Water Fountain Fun {vancouver's fine art family photographer}

Now here's a little boy who loves water. Thank goodness his parents brought him lots of clothes cause he got soaking!! And when water is that much fun it's important to share that fun with mum and dad, right? I'm just grateful that I wasn't invited to have a drink. So cute!

Quotables {vancouver's fine art family photographer}

“Photographers deal in things which are
continually vanishing, and when they have
there is no contrivance on earth
which can
make them come back again.”
henri cartier-bresson

Pretty in Pink {vancouver's fine art family photographer}

Beautiful grins, tons of engery, what a lot of fun these two were.

Staff Photos? {vancouver's fine art photographer}

So who wouldn't want to work at a place where your staff photos involve human pyramids, log jumping and tree climbing. This fun bunch is the group of hard working people that put on the Harmony Arts Festival every year. Maybe next year they'll let you be at the top of the pyramid Richard.

Passage of Time {vancouver's fine art portrait photographer}

One of the great things about my job is getting to watch other people's children grow up. It's really cool to see not only the difference in the kids physically but also their relationships with each other. Thanks for coming back again "M" Family!